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Has Scottish Property Fared Better Than the UK Following Brexit?

Brexit is the most talked about event of this year.

The decision taken by the people of the UK to exit the European Union came as a big shock to many people all over the world. It was certainly something that the real estate industry of the country wasn’t really ready for. It came as a surprise to them and consequently produced a big impact on the property market. The reason for this was the uncertainty that this decision created. Property sellers and buyers both became unsure whether dealing in the real estate market was in their best interest or not.

While the UK people voted for the Brexit, the Scottish did not concur with this decision and decided to remain in the European Union. Did the decision of the Scottish to boycott Brexit help their property market too?

Effects of Brexit on Scottish Property

While Scotland is part of Britain, it is autonomous in its policy decisions. This is why the Scottish decided to remain in the EU as opposed to the UK. This decision of theirs meant that the property market in Scotland was not hit as hard by Brexit as in the UK. There were some effects of Brexit on the Scottish property nonetheless. The following are some of the changes that have occurred in the Scottish real estate market post Brexit. Read More...


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